Over the past couple months, I’ve been working on separating this blog from my personal design portfolio. I’m happy to say that as of January 2017 I’m moving on over to *drumroll* fortheglitz.com! So when you come searching for my new blog posts, remember to check over there and not here. I’m so excited to launch in the next couple of weeks; I hope you guys love the new site as much as I do.

As far as links go, all the previous links should forward you to the corresponding post on the new site. The blog button in the upper right on this site will also take you directly to For the Glitz. I’ll be changing my social media handles as well, so make sure to tag @fortheglitz in anything you want me to see!

For the Glitz

Now that the big announcement is out of the way, I thought I’d show you a bit of my inspiration and thought process behind the rebrand.

As you probably know, I’m a big fan of everything pink and sparkly. And while much of my life reflects that, I was having trouble showing it in my blog posts. X-Height-Ment was originally created to be the name I operated under as a freelance designer. But as it began to change into this blog and the content shifted, I found that it wasn’t creating the image I wanted. I started from scratch and built For the Glitz.

I started with a mood board, pulling images, colors, textures, and patterns that I connected with and that I knew would fit with the image I wanted to create. After culling this massive collection down to a reasonable number, I was able to see patterns and trends in the images I had selected, and discovered exactly what I wanted For the Glitz to look like and laid out a clearer vision of what the content should look like. Take a peek below at some of my early mood board collections. The full brand reveal will be up on For the Glitz in January!

Introducing For the Glitz | Mood Boards | Inspiration

I’ve separated my inspiration categorically for the sake of this post – the moodboard above is typography. You’ll find that a pale pink and a sharp black are the main recurring colors of my scheme. Accents like lavender, gray, and metallics appear occasionally, but pink + black are my go tos.

Introducing For the Glitz | Mood Boards | Inspiration

Introducing For the Glitz | Mood Boards | Inspiration

The main categories I’ve found myself honing in on are personal style, home decor, and entertaining. I added those categories to my inspiration search as well. These images get me so excited just looking at them; I can’t wait to get the ball rolling this year.