Fall fashion is one of my absolute favorite things. And now that it’s officially fall and we’re in the midst of fashion month, there’s no better time to be talking about the changes I’m making to my wardrobe for the season. I love fall fashion more than that of almost any other season. I love the layering and accessorizing and endless options for sweaters and scarves. It’s not quite chilly enough for a full commitment to warmer clothes yet, but I’m so ready for it! Here are my absolute fashion essentials for fall this year, as well as some pieces I’m hoping to pick up.

As you’ve probably noticed as you’ve been shopping, pink is huge for fall this year! Obviously that makes me super happy, and I’ve definitely got some pink items on my list. I’ve been incorporating pink into my fall and winter wardrobe since last year, when I touched on the blush + burgundy trend, so I’m excited that the rest of the retail world has finally caught up. As I’m trying to fill the gaps in my wardrobe with pink, here are some of the pieces I’ve been obsessing over.

As far as seasonal staples go, I’ve been slowly amassing all the items I need for the perfect “fall fashion” wardrobe. I have a few more items to get, but here are my faves so far. I am allllll about versatility and transitional pieces in the fall, and everything on this list fits that category perfectly.


This staple is the ultimate layering piece. I’ve worn mine over long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, even dresses. It’s a great item for putting the finishing touch on an outfit and pulling everything together,  especially when it’s too cold for a regular top but too warm to add a jacket.


Perfect for the transition between seasons, these shoes work well with everything from jeans to dresses. You can wear them alone or with tights, and mine are super comfy too.


I have too many scarves already, but I’m always on the search for more! Plaids and windowpane checks are my go to scarf patterns for fall. It’s hard to tear me away from a good chunky cable knit, though! If you don’t have your ideal fall scarf, now is the time to find it! I’ve linked some of my favorites below.


This is an item I’m still in search of. I’ve had it on my mind for a while now, and I think it’s a great alternative to a coat. It can dress up a plain shirt and jeans, or accent a dress for a night out without covering it up.


The last item on my to-buy list, button up skirts have been e-v-erywhere recently. I love the way they look with denim, black, white, pink…pretty much every color. Obviously I’m all about versatility and transitional pieces in the fall, and this fits the bill perfectly. It works when it’s warm out with flats or booties, and still looks great when you layer it with tights and boots when it gets colder.

What are your essential fall fashion pieces? Let me know in the comments!

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