You made it, friends! Thanks for taking the journey with me over to this new site. I’m so excited to move forward in this new corner of the internet. I feel like I have room to stretch out and post all the fun I want to over here. As promised, I’m sharing the new branding of For the Glitz and what you can expect to see on the blog.

I really wanted to go in a more editorial direction, hence using Didot as my main headline typeface. The strong black and white graphic elements also add to that visual. For the Glitz has a clean, sharp aesthetic with slightly softer accents, like the color pink and the script type. And obviously, I’m using a sans serif for most body text, as that’s easiest on the eyes when reading on a screen.

The main logomark is the type of ‘For the Glitz’ combining elements of both the feminine script and the editorial serif. The alternate abbreviated FTG and stacked version of the mark separate the two elements and aesthetics, lending themselves to various applications. The striped pattern and the star pattern both serve as additional secondary elements, to be used when needed.

Lastly, the inspiration photos showcase various subjects I blog about, to include style, home decor, and drinks. Of course, peonies (every blogger’s favorite flower) and strong graphic type also make an appearance.

Overall, I love the new look and I’m excited about the ways I’m planning to incorporate this branding into my content both here on the blog and across social media. Any questions about my brand choices? Favorite elements? Let me know what you think in the comments!

And don’t forget, my social media handles have changed too! They’re all linked over in the sidebar, but in case you missed the big ones: Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook

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