This book has been on pretty much every blogger’s must list for about a year now, and I have to say I am not the exception. All In Good Taste is gorgeous on display, and is full of amazing entertainment tips. I even included it in my Gift Guide last Christmas!

While I’ll admit the cover is initially what sold me on this book (yes, I judged it by its cover), it has some great information as well. It’s divided into several categories, all centered around entertaining. There’s a section on hostessing, style, and food. There’s also a section on manners, which even goes into modern day etiquette of texting and emailing, which I love (and think is hilarious). A lot of the content is centered around throwing parties and get togethers in larger cities, like New York. This makes sense, based on the history of the Kate Spade brand, but it’s also really easy to adapt everything to your own city or hometown.



One of the strongest aspects of the book is its layout and design. There are some gorgeous full spreads of type, and the photography is stunning. It’s the perfect coffee table book. Leave it open to one of your favorite spreads, or just add it to the top of your stack-the cheeky wine stain on the front is slightly disheveled while remaining chic.

A contemporary etiquette guide for the modern host, this book is full of dos and don’ts, how-tos and recipes. I definitely recommend this book if you love Kate Spade, entertaining, and all things pink. And of course, like all things Kate Spade, it’s as beautiful as it is useful–put a vase of peonies next to this on your coffee table, and you’ve got the perfect Instagram post. Which is always a bonus!


Have you checked out All in Good Taste or any of Kate Spade’s other books?